Office 365 Management

CybrHawk detects and responds to advanced threats targeting your Office 365 SaaS application and helps you comply with regulatory mandates such as (not like) PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. Small and medium size organizations will be able to have the same security expertise as the large enterprise organizations across your on-premises and cloud deployments.

Deep Office 365 Visibility and Alerting

50+ alerting rules upon setup.

Alerting rules for:

Detailed reporting

Office 365 Management

Gain Visibility into Attacks Targeting Your Office 365 Service

Detect suspicious Office 365 actions:

Centralize and simplify security business-wide
Single pane of glass across multiple attack surfaces to centralize monitoring of network infrastructure and data in cloud (SaaS and IaaS), hybrid, and on-premises environments
Customize and scale security based on your exact needs
Our service accounts for the unique way your business operates and the specific security needs of your IT infrastructure, applications, and users to deliver greater flexibility and tuning

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